Okay, I want you to imagine the worst quarantine scenario you can possibly think of. One that would be your absolute nightmare…

Well, I’m here to tell you that this guy’s situation just might be worse…but at least we’re all getting some laughs out of it!

His name is Neil Kramer and he’s spending the quarantine locked down in Queens, New York with…are you ready for this…his mom and his ex-wife…seriously.

And he’s documenting the whole thing for all of us to enjoy!

Are you ready to see what his day-to-day life is like? Let’s take a look.

1. Okay, everybody into the bathroom!

That doesn’t look very comfortable…


2. There’s a lot to take in here…

But at least they have a good toilet paper supply.


3. Isn’t getting deliveries just glorious?!?!

You bet it is!


4. Get ready to get that vaccine!

It’s coming sooner than you think! At least, we hope so…


5. You know Mom is playing referee almost every day.

I’ve heard enough out of you two!


6. You’re now in charge of haircuts.

You better brush up on your skills.


7. Keep the TP coming!

You can never have enough…


8. And now he has to wait on them hand and foot as well…

This guy is really going through it…


9. Just waiting for the movie theater to open…

It might be a while…


10. Not much to do but stare out the window.

Just remember to keep your distance from people!


11. Are you guys trying to escape?

Back into the house you go!


12. It’s time to finally get to the bottom of some issues.

And that’s when Mom humiliated me for the first time…


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How’s quarantine been treating you?

Talk to us in the comments.

And remember to wear a mask and keep your distance when you’re out in public!