The days when you have car problems are the worst, aren’t they?

I was driving home from work one day in Kansas City in a horrible snowstorm and my car got stuck on some snow and ice on an incline and I just couldn’t move, no matter what I did.

Luckily, a guy with a pick-up truck was nice enough to stop and he tied a rope from his truck to my car and dragged me out. What a guy!

I have to say, though, I don’t think I’ve ever had as bad of a car experience as the people in these pictures did…

Let’s see what happened to them…

1. Talk about a bad omen…

I at least hope your honeymoon was nice and relaxing.

Newly wedded in front of their burning car. from Wellthatsucks

2. Darnit guys, who did it this time?

I think we’re looking at the modern-day version of The Three Stooges.

These guys locked their keys in an armoured truck from Wellthatsucks

3. That’s a double whammy!

Ouch. That one hurts.

Getting a speeding ticket on your car as it’s being towed from Wellthatsucks

4. This is pretty wild.

Never seen anything like that before…

A truck carrying a tank of white paint dropped it on the road from Wellthatsucks

5. Please tie down your loads.

Things like this happen all the time.

It’s not just junk flying out of your truck. It could be someone’s life. Secure your load – as if someone you love is driving behind you. from Wellthatsucks

6. How did this happen?

I hope these folks got out of that car safely.

Someone appears to have lost their Focus… from Wellthatsucks

7. I never thought so, either.

But here we are!

I never thought lighting could strike a car from Wellthatsucks

8. What are the chances of this happening?

This is totally wild.

Bird dropped a catfish onto car windshield from Wellthatsucks

9. Down in flames.

Sorry. That really sucks!

Picked my car up from the mechanic yesterday after having a bunch of things replaced totalling $2100 just to have burst into flames on me this morning. I’m too poor for this shit! from Wellthatsucks

10. This is absolutely disgusting.

Your poor dad…

My dad’s old truck got hit by a truck carrying old rotten potato slurry to a feed lot for cows. His passenger window was down…. from Wellthatsucks

11. Gotta be careful of sinkholes!

You just never know…

This happened to my car today! from Wellthatsucks

12. Oh man, what a bummer.

Also, how did that happen?!?!

My wheels fell off while driving from Wellthatsucks

13. Be careful when you’re parking out there.

See what happens when you don’t pay attention?

Irish parking lot from Wellthatsucks

Well…that sucked…

But you know the drill…now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about some of the worst car problems that you’ve ever had. And share some photos, too, if you have ’em! Thanks!