I’m in desperate need of some wholesome content right about now and the photos you’re about to see really hit the spot for me.

I mean, let’s be honest: what other kinds of pics do you really need to see besides adorable cats doing what they do best: SLEEPING?

The answer is, these are exactly the kind of snapshots you want and need in your life right now.

So, without further ado, let’s enjoy these pics of snoozing kitties.

1. You now have a new family member.

And she’ll be taken care of!

The time I rescued a crying kitten outside my cat cuddled her ❤️ from aww

2. Time for a lap nap.

A nice moment in a hard year.

A stray kitten just came up and took a nap on my lap. Best moment in this whole miserable year. from aww

3. This is totally epic.

Are you sure you’re comfortable.

4. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.

This one is cracking me up.

When you’re napping but you also have to practice your ballet from aww

5. We hope he keeps it, too.

Your dad has a new best friend.

My dad has never had a cat but loves mine when he comes over to my house. He found a kitten crying outside a couple days ago who prefers sleeping like this. I hope he keeps it… from aww

6. Well, this is totally adorable.

It doesn’t get much better than that, folks!

7. Time for a nap with Mom.

Totally wholesome, don’t you think?

Napping with mommy ❤️ from Eyebleach

8. What kind of animal are you?

It’s okay, you can tell us the truth…

Yesterday I adopted a kitten but I think they gave me a meerkat from aww

9. What a great snapshot.

Getting a little sunshine time in.

Having a nap in the sun, really liked how this photo looks from pics

10. Looks like a good spot, right?

Go ahead and hop on, Newt.

My new cat only sleeps on my head. Meet newt. from aww

11. Best friends forever.

I think these two are gonna get along just fine.

Found these two sleeping like this. from aww

12. I can barely handle it!

How freakin’ cute is this?

Kitten sleeping from aww

Ahhhhh, those photos made me feel nice and relaxed…

But we’re not done yet!

We want you to share some pics of your own cats sleeping in the comments.

Please and thank you!