If you didn’t think that living in Sweden looked delightful before, I think this article might change your mind. I’m sure this isn’t what it’s really like, but I picture it to be friendly, calm, cold, and with animals just frolicking everywhere…

And the photos that a guy named Geert Weggen takes do nothing to dispel those myths for me.

Weggen creates little scenes on his balcony for squirrels to interact with so he can photograph them and the results are awesome. Sometimes, he combines two photos into one for effect and he said he also sometimes Photoshops out wires, pins, and other things that he uses to keep props in place.

Let’s take a look at his great work!

1. Doing some acrobatics, are we?

I like this little fella!


2. Looks pretty refreshing.

Go ahead, help yourself.


3. Wake up and smell the roses.

Is that working for you?


4. It looks like a party to me.

Also, that camper is pretty awesome.


5. Looks like we have some artistic types on our hands.

You’re doing it all wrong!


6. Big fan of the mushrooms.

Hey, so are we!


7. Time for some deep-sea diving.

What did you find down there?


8. This belongs to me now.

Don’t even think about coming up here…


9. Reach for the sky.

And keep on moving forward, friends!


10. It’s your move.

You better choose carefully.


I’m not gonna lie…I kind of want this guy’s life…

But enough of that, now we want to hear from you!

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Thanks a lot!