If there’s one thing that we all know is true about social media, it’s that cat memes and photos are everywhere and they are delightful.

Don’t even try to deny it!

Well, if you happen to love those famous cat images (which we’re sure you do), then we know you’re REALLY going to love these drawings done by an artist that goes by the name of Tactooncat.

The artist hails from Indonesia and they illustrate famous cat photos in their own style…and they’re really wonderful!

Be sure to click on the arrow on the right in the post so you can see the original photo.


1. Just struttin’ on by.

This one is a classic.


2. I always feel like…

Somebody’s watching me…


3. I got some new friends!

Well, isn’t this wholesome?!?!


4. The good, old face smush.

Just take a load off, okay?


5. Barely hanging in there.

That’s what friends are for.


6. I bet you can’t wait for this to be over.

Can we just end this thing NOW?


7. Almost ready for the runway.

You look fabulous!


8. All alone with your thoughts.

A time to reflect…


9. Get that camera out of my face!

This cat isn’t messing around.


10. Who says cats don’t like water?

This kitty is proving everyone wrong.


11. This looks a little bit obscene.

I’m not gonna lie…


Who are your favorite artists that you follow on social media?

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Please and thank you!