I’m sure you’ve noticed this before, but the smaller the dog, the bigger the bark.

And the BIGGER the dog, the more laid-back, gentle, and, yes, scared, they seem to be. And I think it’s safe to say that Great Danes sit atop of the heap of all the gentle giants out there, don’t you?

On top of that, a lot of them also don’t seem to realize how huge they really are and how they could probably be running things in their households if they really felt like it.

But we know they just want to be as lovable and loyal as possible. Enjoy these Great Dane photos! We think you’re gonna love them.

1. I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut.

It’s best not to get involved…

Luna when our son started getting scolded from AnimalsBeingDerps

2. Growing up together!

How sweet is this?

3. Get a load of these two.

And get a load of the SIZE of the one on the right.

4. Those big cheeks are melting.

Are you really just a puddle in dog form?

5. A girl and her Great Dane.

They’ll be bonded for life.

Just a girl and her Dane.. from aww

6. You might need to get a bigger couch for him.

Just a thought…

How my parents Great Dane puppy lays on the ottoman he outgrew from aww

7. Snoozing in a chair that’s just a little bit too small.

Why don’t you stretch out on the floor, buddy?

8. I love this picture.

Riding around in style.

A great dane riding shotgun in a sports car. Hollywood, California 1961 from OldSchoolCool

9. I guess opposites attract.

I’d like to see these two in action!

10. This is awesome.

I can’t get enough of that face! I’m talking about the dog…

My two loves, waiting on our hooman baby to join us any day. 6mo, 38yo. from greatdanes

11. What are you so scared of?

They truly don’t understand how big they are.

Biggest Scaredy Cat in the World ? from greatdanes

Do you share your home with a big, lovable pooch?

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments.

We’d love to meet them!