I love all dogs, but I really, REALLY love the HUGE pooches that are rightfully known as “Gentle Giants.”

And Great Danes are some of the sweetest, most loyal, and biggest dogs out there. And, boy, are you in for a big treat today!

Because we have a collection of great photos of these beautiful and goofy dogs that we think you’re gonna love.

Heck, these pics might even convince you to get a Great Dane of your own…you never know…

Enjoy these photos! We know we did!

1. These two are bosom buddies.

I’m just surprised they both fit in the bed.

Ny daughter was home sick one day. When I peeked into her room, this is what I found.
byu/Mongo1021 ingreatdanes

2. Afraid of everything.

The bigger the dog, the more scared they are of everything. It’s true!

This 6-foot Great Dane named Presley is also known as Scooby-Doo duo to being afraid of everything, from tiny dogs, to plastic bags and vacuum cleaners
by inaww

3. Can I bring my new friend inside?

This needs to be a reality TV show.

Looking out the front door… “I made a new friend, please can I keep him?”
byu/zatt inaww

4. This is so freakin’ cute.

Look at the size of that thing!


5. Are you having a good time?

It’s a new game she likes to play.

Gave her a tp tube to play with, and she proceeded to breathe through it like this for over a minute…
byu/livin4advntr inAnimalsBeingDerps

6. A gentle giant, if there ever was one.

Looks like he found a friend!


7. The only way to fly.

I wish this happened on every flight.

Today’s flight just got interesting
byu/jimmy_bones_ inpics

8. What a difference a year makes.

This pooch got HUGE.

My Great Dane puppy one year difference
byu/nightmancometh0419 inaww

9. He looks like a lot of fun!

A goofy, playful pooch.

My aunt’s goofy great dane, Louis.
by infunny

10. What stop are you getting off at?

Do you think he might be riding solo?

This dog sitting at a subway
byu/boredwatermelon inaww

Now we want to meet your dogs!

In the comments, share some photos of your pooches with us.

Big, small, fat, skinny! We want to meet all of them!