To know him is to love him…

I’m talking about Beave, a rescue beaver (yes, they exist) who lives with a lady named Nancy and is clearly thriving in his surroundings.

Beave was found abandoned on the side of the road in 2020 when he was only three weeks old and Nancy, a licensed wildlife rehab specialist, is taking care of the plucky guy.

Let’s see what this adorable beaver has been up to…and don’t forget to check out Beave’s TikTok page as well!

1. There he is!

Look at that face!

2. It’s his favorite toy.

I could watch him all day long.

3. Oh my…I’m in love.

The caption is very interesting, by the way!

4. The sounds of Beave.

He is so adorable.

5. Just Beave and his stick.

What else could you ask for, really?

6. Learning life lessons.

This is so interesting.

7. Are you hungry, Beave?

The guys loves his carrots!

8. Hey, bring that back!

Beave is at it again!

9. Working on building his dam.

I bet it will be a sad day when they release him back into the wild.

10. He’s getting stronger.

That’s a big log!

11. He’s a big fan of Christmas.

Keep following the adventures of Beave on Instagram!

Beave is a superstar, no doubt about it! Don’t you just love this little guy?!?!

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