Now, this lady is hilarious!

And I think we could all use a little bit of laughter right about now, don’t you?

You know it! Okay, let’s get to the story.

Brynn Shuller had to move from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, Ohio due to the pandemic, so she decided to create of family of “myselves” and Photoshopped all of them into pics that she took on her excellent adventure across the country.

Hey, we all gotta keep ourselves occupied during these trying times, and I’m here for this project!

Let’s take a look at her journeys! Start now!

1. Time to hit up Sin City.

Do a little gambling for us!

2. Time to see if these folks can become movie stars.

How did that work out for you…?

3. Remember when Clark Griswold stopped here?

That is one HUGE hole in the ground.

4. Oklahoma City for the win!

I like the looks of that Ferris Wheel.

5. The Gateway to the West.

Right on the Mighty Mississippi!

6. A quaint little town.

I need to make a stop here someday.

7. Time to learn some history.

You look like you could use a little bit of culture…

8. Cincinnati it is!

The Goth kid is NOT having a good trip.

9. This place looks cool.

All aboard the Cadillac.

10. Out in the desert.

The Southwest sure is a unique place.

11. You gotta love this family!

We’re glad “they” had a safe trip.

Those pics are hilarious!

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