There’s almost nothing I enjoy more on social media than pop culture mash-ups and an artist who goes by the name of Pixelfaker on Instagram is definitely on top of their game.

They combine different scenes and characters from TV shows and movies and the results are nothing short of hilarious and awesome.

I have a feeling you’ll never look at The Wizard of Oz the same way ever again…

Are you ready to check out their work? Go ahead and take a look!

1. I’ll be back…

With Lloyd Christmas!

2. Check out this crew.

Hey, wait a minute!

3. The new Wizard of Oz reboot is gonna be a little bit different.

A lot more explosions this time.

4. Dr. Evil and Don Corleone.

Who will come out on top?

5. Dracula! Look out behind you!

He’s about to get it.

6. Deadpool is hot on Rambo’s tail.

Head for the woods!

7. Now, this would be scary.

Jay and Silent Bob are going to haunt you.

8. The toys look pretty confused.

Guys…what should we do now?

9. He’s not home alone anymore.

Kevin was definitely not expecting this.

10. You little perverts!

Get away from there!

11. These guys are all on an excellent adventure.

Radical! Totally radical!

12. Do a little dance.

These two make quite a pair.

Those are pretty darn clever, if you ask me…

And now it’s your turn to speak up!

In the comments, share some links for some more creative folks who you like to follow on social media. Thanks a lot!