As someone who has definitely spent their fair share of time in fast food joints in their life, I gotta say that I’ve never stepped foot into one as cool as the restaurants in the photos you’re about to see.

Where have these places been all my life?!?!

We’re about to explore some posts from a Twitter account called “Nonstandard McDonald’s” that show all kinds of weird, wacky, and unique McDonald’s restaurants all over the world.

Who knew there were so many different ones out there?!?! I sure didn’t…

Let’s take a look at some unusual spots where folks can order up Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, and milkshakes…if the machine isn’t broken, of course…


1. This is so cool!

For bees only…

2. Just like a wild kingdom.

Looks like fun!

3. Flying high in the sky.

Never seen anything like this before…

4. Dinosaurs for the win!

How cool is this place?

5. Inside the zoo.

Eat and check out some creatures while you’re at it.

6. Take a break from the slopes.

You’re gonna need some energy!

7. This is amazing.

Probably the coolest one out there.

8. Looks like a lodge on the inside.

Very impressive.

9. Are those Super Size?

Sign me up!

10. Sadly, this one is gone now.

But it was pretty stylish!

11. A very unusual entry.

I’m loving it!

How about you?

What do you think is the most unusual fast food joint you’ve ever been to before?

Talk to us in the comments. And share some pics if you have them!