We want plates! We want plates!

Is that really too much to ask for when you go out for a meal?

Apparently, the answer is a huge YES, because a lot of restaurants out there seem to be serving their food on…well, you’re about to see what I’m talking about…

And it isn’t pretty, my friends!

Let’s see just what the heck is going on out there these days in the restaurant world…

1. This looks like it took a lot of work.

A lot of UNNECESSARY work, that is.

I’m glad to see they be serving ramen the traditional way
byu/m0uzer22 inWeWantPlates

2. Who doesn’t want to drink alcohol this way?

Let’s see a show of hands.

Does this count?
byu/Poromon inWeWantPlates

3. They got the materials across the street at Dollar Tree.

Everything is working out here!

It finally happened to me last night
byu/jranchy420 inWeWantPlates

4. And they weren’t lying.

God, I hope that thing is clean…

They call this everything but the kitchen sink.
byu/EFIRE23 inWeWantPlates

5. I don’t like this at all.

I’m gonna need to speak to the manager.

Browsing through my old photos and found this… chips in a pine cone!
byu/lolalululolalulu inWeWantPlates

6. This actually doesn’t look like the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’ll take one of each! And a towel to clean up.

I guess there is technically a plate… but common
byu/Covandu inWeWantPlates

7. That was $37?

You got ripped off, friend.

[deleted by user]
by inWeWantPlates

8. Eat like a wild animal!

You’re gonna love it!

Big dawg breakfast served in an actual dog dish
byu/RandolphMoneybags inWeWantPlates

9. Rediscover your roots…

That bone looks filthy, by the way…

Cured meat served on a bone
byu/GhettoThief inWeWantPlates

10. Good job making this very simple task extremely complicated.

Why did you have to do this to me?

Fries in a maison jar… why
by inWeWantPlates


Now, I’m starting to get upset.

[I ate] Pizza in a jar
byu/DuxLupin inWeWantPlates

12. This is all about sensory overload.

I’m gonna need to take a breather before I tackle this one.

Excuse me???
byu/cyguy1996 inWeWantPlates

13. Seems a little risky to me.

Good luck to you…you might need it.

Really hoping that isnt lead paint 😬
by inWeWantPlates

Woooweee! That was wild!

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, share some pics of weird food plates that you’ve seen out there.

Thanks a lot!