I have yet to experience anything like this in my life yet.

But I understand the frustration of people who just want to go out to dinner and have their food serve on, well, actual plates. What a concept!

BUT, we live in a world where trends come and go and restaurants try to stand out from the pack, so we’ll just have to deal with this phenomenon until it falls by the wayside.

Still…this is pretty weird…

Take a look for yourself.

1.  Just go ahead and put that right on the table.

Thank you so much!

Welcome to hell
by inWeWantPlates

2. Well, I hope you brought your appetite.

Eating the plate actually doesn’t sound that bad.

Edible plates only
byu/Navity7l inWeWantPlates

3. Why? Whyyyyyy?

Anyone care to explain this one to me.

This restaurant is rated 4.7/5 stars
byu/Edvart inWeWantPlates

4. Well, that’s interesting.

Just bring a plate next, time, okay?

Eggcelent fried bitterballen
byu/rogervdf inWeWantPlates

5. Yikes. This is not cool.

And it’s inappropriate for children.

byu/DJ_TITTYBANG inWeWantPlates

6. Who doesn’t want to eat off of a comb?

And I bet it’s a USED comb!

Bread chips on a comb
byu/Ralph_Cane inWeWantPlates

7. Totally unnecessary and senseless.

What does it all mean…?

Little bite size appetizer served on a box of uncooked potatoes
byu/pekkiepek inWeWantPlates

8. I really hope this was pre-Covid times.

But I’m willing to bet it might have been last week…USA! USA!

Cursed cocktail
byu/helios260802 inWeWantPlates

9. Your dinner is served!

In a smelly shoe!

A friend of mine showed me this photo today, served in a restaurant in Las Vegas.
byu/1itt1ekids1ov3r inWeWantPlates

10. Just serve the thing on a flat surface, at least.

I’m starting to get really worked up.

This was a Tiramisù, the top layer was crushed Oreos. Delicious, but how did they come up with this?‭
byu/missth199 inWeWantPlates

11. Go ahead and bury your face in there.

Does that work for you?

We’re just eating this cake with our faces
byu/shelbsclaypool inWeWantPlates

12. This is over the top.

And yes, it is an abomination.

Old school friend just posted this abomination
byu/Roaming_AI inWeWantPlates

How about you?

Have you ever had any bizarre meals served to you this way?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!