Have you ever heard the term “mild vandalism” before?

If not, you’re going to learn something new today!

Mild vandalism is when a real jokester does a small and relatively harmless amount of defacing something. It could be a building, a park bench, a subway, etc.

The point is that it’s funny and no one is getting hurt and causing any MAJOR damage.

Are you ready to see some good examples of mild vandalism? Let’s take a look!

1. Breakin’ all the rules.

It says No Folding!

Some pretty intense vandalism in the laundry room, but rules are meant to be broken…
byu/Solbury inMildlyVandalised

2. That hurts, doesn’t it?

This is always a bad idea…be careful out there.

It’s not wrong
by inMildlyVandalised

3. Ahahahaha. You showed them!

I fully support this.

The goggles do nothing
byu/PicturesOfNova infirstworldanarchists

4. Come on, people. Do your part.

We’re making progress! Don’t mess it up!

Saw this more accurate vandalism a couple days ago.
byu/Shall_We_Presuppose inMildlyVandalised

5. Marge out in nature.

I love this one!

Marge tree
byu/JamuelSackson420 inMildlyVandalised

6. Artist Unknown.

Making the best of a bad situation.

Smashed window becomes public art at North Vancouver gallery.
byu/Goobles75 invancouver

7. For lease Navidad.

Come on, you know the song!

Tis the season
byu/victormuhia inMildlyVandalised

8. I’d vote for him, too.

What does that say about our real choices?

I’d totally vote for this guy
byu/Hammerman305 inMildlyVandalised

9. Unless you’re a chicken…

Did you ever think about that?

Ah, KFC.
byu/nvanw27 inMildlyVandalised

10. I like this one!

Because it’s 100% true!

From @heart_reacts_only on Instagram
byu/Hisbaan inMildlyVandalised

11. This lady is not a fan of Brexit.

And she’s making sure that folks know.

Old lady on a brick wall
byu/SalazarRED inMildlyVandalised

12. He’s totally on board with it.

Well, that was cool.

13. It’s your choice.

I’m gonna go with Hello Kitty.

All Hail Kitty
byu/tequilanoodles inMildlyVandalised

What’s the funniest thing that you’ve seen online lately?

Go ahead and think about it for a minute…we can wait…memes, tweets, jokes, etc?

Okay, now do us a favor and share it with us in the comments. Thanks a lot!