FACT: dating is tough even during normal times.

Throw in a worldwide pandemic that forces all of us to stay at home most of the time and not be able to get close to people? That’s a recipe for a lot of lonely, frustrated folks.

But hey, look at the bright side. At least you won’t be making any really bad life choices for a while. Those can wait until 2021!

Let’s take a look at some funny tweets about people who are looking for love during the Covid-19 era.

1. Yeah, we’re all in a bit of a dry spell.

Some of us much longer than others…

2. Something doesn’t smell right here…

Time to head for the hills.

3. You’re gonna be fighting them off with a stick.

You’re onto something here.

4. Yeah, there’s really no excuse for that right now.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

5. That sounds about right.

Are you following these protocols?

6. Way to go, guys!

You finally did something right!


7. That’s not a bad pick-up line.

Feel free to use that one.


8. This is perfect timing.

You might even find your soulmate…or something…

9. Be sure to cover your face in plastic.

And then you can go for it!

10. Tough times in Los Angeles.

Hey, maybe they’ll get better. Maybe?


11. We wish you luck…

Just hang in there!


12. Sir, you are not alone right now.

You are now speaking for the masses.

How about you?

Have you had any luck finding love during the pandemic?

Tell us how it’s going in the comments!

We can’t wait to hear from you!