This is gonna be fun!

Over the years, you’ve no doubt realized that TV shows and movies are chock-full of songs written for only that production….and some of them are awesome and pretty unforgettable!

A writer at The Daily Show named Randall Otis threw this question out into the Twitterverse for people to contemplate.

How about we check out the responses? Let’s go!

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Good one!

2. You know you love it!

Not bad at all…

3. Role Models.

A hilarious movie!

4. You bet it slapped!

And it keeps slappin’ to this day!

5. Does this one ring a bell?

Watch the video and let us know.

6. Your queen to be!

I really hope the Coming to America sequel is good…

7. Y’all ready for this?

An epic battle.

8. One Track Lover.

Are you familiar with this one?

9. The ‘Burbs is amazing.

It’s time to revisit this gem!

10. Killer Tofu.

Give it a shot.

11. For children of the 1980s.

Top that!

I love this kind of stuff!

And now we want to hear from you…

In the comments, share some more fake songs from TV shows and movies that you like.

Please and thank you!