When I think about my favorite “fake songs” from movies and TV shows, a few immediately pop into my mind: “Friends Forever” by the Zack Attack on Saved by the Bell and…well, actually, let’s just go with all the amazing songs that various bands performed on that amazing show that makes me brim with nostalgia.

There are a ton of examples of great songs from these Hollywood productions, and a guy named Randall Otis asked Twitter users what their ones are.

Let’s see how people responded!

1. Actually, this might be the best one of all time.

It never gets old!

2. Blazing Saddles!

What a great movie.

3. I agree!

I love this one!

4. Clearly underrated.

Are you a fan of this gem?

5. A hands-down favorite.

Keep ’em coming!

6. Wow, this is interesting.

Never seen this one before.

7. Here’s a banger for you.

Turn it up! All the way!

8. This song is amazing.

No doubt about it.

9. Peter’s take on a classic.

A lot of good songs in this show.

10. The Naked Mole Rap.

I’ll have to give this one a listen.

11. It’s Always Sunny.

Who doesn’t love Charlie?

12. All about the BALLS.

Not bad at all!

How about you?

What do you think are some of your favorite fake songs from movies and TV shows?

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