This Artist Creates Cartoon Characters From Photos That Strangers Send Him


Robert DeJesus is an artist who originally started out drawing cartoon versions of people for fun, but soon realized he could get paid for doing it so he obviously decided on that path.

Since then, DeJesus has excelled as an artist and people from all over the place send him photos so they can get the special treatment from him. And by that, I mean the cartoon style that DeJesus transforms his subjects into.

He says, “My growing following just really enjoyed the idea of simply looking like a chibi or anime-style character since it was a completely unique twist on the caricature genre most have seen made at carnivals and fairs.

I was flooded with offers to buy a self-portrait of their own selves as a chibi or anime character. So I just started offering profile images for sale since then and it has helped fund my other personal projects I’ve been also wanting to work on.”

Let’s take a look at his great work!

1. This guy definitely looks like a superhero.

But is he a hero or a villain…?

2. This one is on-point.

I think it’s pretty perfect.

3. That cat is hilarious!

I’d like to see what adventures these ladies get into!

4. On the field.

Here’s an action shot.

5. Hey, that guy looks familiar!

Presenting John Oliver in cartoon form.

6. He does pets, too!

That is a beauty!

7. Congrats to the grad!

Nice work and good luck!

8. Pretty much a spitting image.

The hair is just right.

9. The bad guy.

He has to be, right?

10. Peace and love!

A light-hearted sketch.

11. Smile big and say CHEESE!

That’s a good one!

12. This guy was just made to be a cartoon.

What a perfect mash-up.

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