I have to admit, when I go to weddings, I get overly excited about one thing.

Not the dancefloor, not the ceremony, not even the big dinner. I like to see what the wedding cake is going to look like and, of course, how tasty it’s going to be.

I sit in anticipation all day until it’s time to dig into that dessert, listening to all the speeches, watching the first dances, and all I can think about is that cake.

If you’re asking whether I’m ultimately making other peoples’ weddings about me, the answer is YES. There I said it, okay?

Let’s look at some awesome wedding cakes that look great and probably tasted like a million bucks.

1. A wedding in a forest.

I love this one!

Self Made Forest Wedding cake for my sister. from FoodPorn

2. Wow…that is totally insane.

I bet it was sad to see people eat this cake.

Wedding Cake. from BeAmazed

3. A magical wedding cake.

Don’t tip it over or bump the table!

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M A G I C A L C A K E ———————————- ?‍♂️ This was the cake I created for a stunning Droomtroue wedding end of last year… with smoke pouring out of the Aladin lamp and lighting in the Geode cave! It was really difficult but such a fun process to figure this one out. The inspiration behind the cake was the theme of the wedding (Glamorous Disney theme – in particular Aladin), the amazing design of the bride‘s dress, Mehndi Designs and patterns and a single red wafer paper rose ? to honour the bride’s late mother. Details of the cake and close ups shall follow. I wanted it to be an insane showstopper that creates a magical moment for the couple and the guests… it was lovely seeing so many guests gathering around the cake to see the details. The episode of Droomtroue will air some time in May, shall keep you posted! ————————————————- If you want a showstopper work of edible art for YOUR big day, or you’re wanting to learn cake decorating, then contact me! Elli@turquoise-squirrel.co.za ————————————————- #wedding #luxuryweddingcakes #cakeart #sugarflowers #weddingcake #cakedesigner #extraordinarycakes #elegantweddingcakes #cakesofinstagram #designisinthedetails #sugarartist #uniquewedding #sugarart #cakesofig #cakeartist #disneyweddingcake #uniqueweddingcakes #fineartwedding #opulent #fairytale #originalweddingcake #cakeinspiration #luxurywedding #tallweddingcakes #epicweddingcake #luxurycake #cakewithatwist

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4. This is very elegant.

Look at the details on this one.

5. A royal cake fit for a Queen.

A lot went into making this cake.

Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake, 1947. Dubbed "The 10,000 mile wedding cake" after its ingredients were flown in from Australia and South Africa, the cake measured 9 ft in height and weighed 500 lbs from food

6. I think these two might be very into Halloween.

Just a guess…

7. May the 4th be with you.

And may your marriage be wonderful!

8. A cake made for a Potterhead.

Perfect for the big day.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake made for my friends big day. from weddingcakes

9. This is EPIC.

Get your roller boogie on!

Friends Wedding Cake from weddingcakes

10. This looks like Homer Simpson’s dream cake.

Dig in! Now I’m starving…

Krispy Kreme rustic wedding cake from weddingcakes

11. Time to hit the beach and relax.

This one is very cool.

Beach themed wedding cake from weddingcakes

12. Ahoy! Let’s hit the high seas!

A very clever nautical-themed cake.

And now we want to hear from you!

Do you follow any really cool food accounts on social media?

Ones where they get really creative?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!