Strangers Send Photos to This Artist and He Turns Them Into Cartoon Characters


At some point, doesn’t everyone want to see what they’d look like as a cartoon version of themself?

Well, if you’re really interested, you should get in touch with an artist named Robert DeJesus, who specializes in turning his subjects into characters that you might see in a comic book or a superhero film.

As you’re about to see, his creations are wonderful and I’m sure all these people were completely thrilled to get these illustrations in the mail.

Do you think you want to get the cartoon treatment from DeJesus? I bet the answer will be a big YES after you look at his work.

Let’s take a look!

1. There she is!

A spitting image!

2. A woman and her pets.

I think he nailed this one.

3. Look deep into my eyes.

This drawing reminds me of a Japanese anime character.

4. A man and his friend.

This is just perfect.

5. I bet this kid was thrilled!

How cool is that?!?!

6. Staring daggers at you.

I like the stitches on the face.

7. Let’s see those pearly whites!

A perfect representation.

8. Ready for a night on the town.

Looks like she’s headed to a fancy dance.

9. The hair goes on for days.

And so does her smile!

10. This one is really cool.

I’d like to see it in color to see her flaming red hair.

11. We fight crime together.

At least, I hope they do…

How about you?

Do you follow any interesting artists on social media that you think we should know about?

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