I know every family is different, but it’s kind of hard for me to imagine growing up without a dog.

He was there to greet me every day when I got home from school, we would hang out late at night and watch movies together, and when he passed away at the age of 12, my siblings and I were all pretty devastated.

That’s why I’m a huge proponent of all kids growing up with pooches!

But that’s just my opinion…

But, if you’re on the fence, maybe these wholesome pics of kids with their dogs will change your mind.

1. I think these two are gonna have a lot of fun together.

How cute is this?!?!

Just a boy and his new dog
byu/Kevin_0019 inMadeMeSmile

2. Best friends forever.

Are you guys having a good time?

My moms rescue dog Rico is best friends with my baby. I interrupted them watching Peppa Pig.
by inaww

3. Making your heart burst.

Keeping watch over the baby.

I knew my senior dog loved babies, but seeing him love my daughter makes my heart burst.
byu/sarahdxyz inaww

4. Let’s see what’s going on outside.

This is a good pic, isn’t it?

5. Needs to be close to his human.

All squished in!

This bulldog squish into ANY space as along as he’s close to his human
by inaww

6. It’s always time for a nap.

Especially when you have a furry friend!

My dog thinks my daughter is his baby. They love each other so much. This is how they fell asleep yesterday during nap time ❤️
byu/jakeisthewolf inaww

7. Growing up together!

Here’s to many more years!

6 years of friendship
byu/DanielHillSKW inaww

8. We’re sorry for your loss.

He looked like a great pooch.

Had to put my dog down a few months ago. My son will never know how much Griffin loved him.
byu/jon1045 inpics

9. Keeping watch over the kid.

I think they mean business.

In their mind they are Secret Service.
byu/POONHANDLER208 inaww

10. This pic is just too much.

A total overload of cuteness!

My brother’s daughter and new puppy are already best buds, they even have matching outfits!
byu/thewifeandkids inaww

11. This looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

We love it!

Took my dog and daughter out for the first time together, in a winter wonderland. (X-post r/aww)
byu/obxsurfer06 inpics

12. Okay, everybody in.

This looks amazing.

My baby with my dog’s babies.
byu/JibblinJubbler inaww

Do you have any kiddos AND dogs in your house?

Share some pics with us in the comments and you’ll make our day!

Please and thank you!