They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason, you know…

Because it’s 100000%, unequivocally true that dogs are our best companions!

They help us get through the hard times, they love us unconditionally, and, if you were lucky enough to grow up with a dog, you know that it made your childhood a lot more special.

Here are some incredibly wholesome photos of kids with their dogs that we think will brighten your day.

Let’s take a look!

1. Not nervous anymore.

Is this sweet, or what?

My daughter was nervous around dogs, and then she met this guy. He let her love all over him for 20 minutes and afterwards, her fear was gone. Thank you, sweet boy, for making her into the dog lover she is! from aww

2. I bet she loved it!

I have a feeling that these two are best friends.

It’s my dogs 4th birthday, my daughter spent all her pocket money buying her a steak. from aww

3. A proud older brother.

Keeping watch on the little one.

Our dog has hardly left my wife’s side since baby arrived. He’s a proud older brother. from aww

4. This is very sweet.

And he’s a very good boy.

My dog is 18, has trouble standing. Since Clare was born, he stands for hours watching. Good boy from pics

5. Two peas in a pod!

You gotta love it!

Our son had a heart transplant. My wife made him a Tin Man costume. Cowardly Lion played by Murphy Jenkins. from aww

6. The start of a beautiful friendship.

That’s what dogs are for.

The 12 week old guarding the 1 week old. Something tells me this is the start of a beautiful friendship. from aww

7. Just out for an afternoon stroll.

A boy and his dog.

PsBattle: this kid walking his dog in full astronaut gear from photoshopbattles

8. Therapy dogs are the best!

And Maddie looks like a real champ.

Our daughter was visited by Maddie, a therapy dog, before her (successful) surgery at Phoenix Children’s Hospital … this dog helped all of us more than she will ever know … she’s not a good girl, she’s a great girl from pics

9. What a great photo!

They make a dynamic duo, don’t you think?

My son and daughter ? from aww

10. The best farm dog you could ever imagine.

I’d love to cuddle with this pooch.

Our Good girl, Stella. Picked her up a year ago at the pound. The best farm dog ever. from aww

11. He looks vicious…

But he was just sneezing.

Step 1: try to take cute pic of dog and baby. Step 2: dog sneezes during pic. Step 3: accidentally capture my dogs inner demon, and my son thinks it’s funny. from funny

12. They can’t get enough of each other.

And they’ll have a great bond as they both grow up.

My son and his puppy — they can’t get enough of each other. from aww

Those really bring a smile to your face, don’t they?

And now we want to see some more!

In the comments, share some pics of your dogs and kids having fun together.

Thanks in advance!