No matter how big, ferocious, or mean-looking your dog (or maybe even your cat) is, they’re always going to love their favorite toys.

They like to carry them everywhere, show them off to you and other people and animals, and even snuggle and sleep with them on a daily basis.

It actually makes me kind of jealous, because I wish I still had a toy or an object that remained with me throughout my whole life…but alas, it was not to be…

Enjoy these wholesome pics of these cute animals and their favorite possessions!

1. He loves his pacifier!

He’s all bark and no bite.

The weather is poop, but I found my favorite chew toy from aww

2. He looks very happy about it.

All snuggled up with his pal.

Shiba plays with his favorite toy, picture by kaibaaa_bbb from aww

3. Best friends forever.

Are you ready to take a nap?

her favorite toy from aww

4. It was a very merry Christmas!

She looks pretty happy about it.

Someone got a new Christmas toy… from aww

5. The answer is YES.

Don’t you get in there, though.

“Do all of my toys really need a bath?” from aww

6. I have a feeling that thing is full of catnip.

He looks like he’s getting wild!

New toy! from aww

7. Baby Yoda for the win!

I think she likes it…

My girlfriend’s very sweet service dog, Feta cuddling with her new yoda toy. from aww

8. A big toy for a HUGE dog.

They go everywhere together!

Ace (& Ivy) with his favourite toy! from aww

9. I love the name of this toy.

It even says “Hard Cider” on it.

She just loves carrying her butt munch toy! from aww

10. Try it on, Hank!

She loves it!

I made a mini winter hat out of toilet paper tubes and yarn and gave it to Hank as a toy. As you can tell, she is thrilled. from aww

11. Just maxin’ and relaxin’ with his favorite toy.

I’ll be over here if you need me.

My sister’s cat, Tiger, who has become a full-fledged catnip addict; seen here with toy in hand and his new favorite position to lay. from AnimalsBeingDerps

Okay, you know the drill…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, please share some adorable photos of your pets and their toys.

Thanks in advance!