Fact: all animals love toys, whether they’re just little puppies and kittens, or they’re full-grown pooches and cats living out their twilight years in style.

Heck, you’re even gonna see a photo of a seal in this thread that has a favorite toy that he can’t part with.

But there’s one thing that all of these photos have in common: they’re wholesome AF.

Are you ready to see some very adorable animals living their best lives with their best friends? Let’s take a look!

1. Awwww, this is so cute.

Look how happy he is!

When a seal at Mombetsu Land in Japan was given a stuffed, mini version of itself, it hugged the toy close to its heart & gave it a piggyback ride
byu/Metalloid_Emon inaww

2. She’ll take it!

A toy can never be too big, right?

Her favorite toy is one that is way too big for her and was meant for my larger dog
by inaww

3. Throughout the years.

One thing has remained consistent.

Strider poses through the years with his baby
byu/BufordTeeJustice inaww

4. A stuffed fishy for a sleepy kitty.

Go ahead and get some Zzzzzzzzzzs.

Her favorite toy
byu/Nihilistminator inaww

5. I found it!

This is always a big thrill for dogs.

My pupper finally found her donut toy she lost a while back and has been carrying it around like this all day…
byu/ashboio inaww

6. You’ll never leave my side.

I like the looks of this!

That yellow toy is his favourite! Every time he sees it, he just runs towards it and grabs it with his mouth. But now he sleeps with it
byu/Germanloser2u inaww

7. We’re proud of you!

Just don’t tell her that it isn’t real…

Our cat Kitty Bang Bang is super proud of herself for this big catch. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s not real. Fuji XT3
by inaww

8. See what I got here?!?!

Well, now you’re just showing off.

Pitbull showing their favorite stuffed toy to the dog in the other car while in traffic
byu/CrackerJackJack inaww

9. Are you okay?

How wholesome is this?

My dog got a new “baby” and this one had a squeaky toy. I try not to get her ones with squeakers because when she squeaks them and she starts crying and nudging them to make sure they’re okay.
byu/namanama101 inaww

10. One last play session.

It’s a nightly ritual.

Every night she brings a toy to bed for a last minute play sesh and it’s my favorite time of the day
byu/F-MA inaww

11. Oh, Stormy, you do you!

She’s loving it!

Stormy’s new favourite toy!
byu/kristioppa inaww

12. This belongs to me now.

But I think you might have stolen it…

My old girl brings her pillow everywhere since stealing it from my daughter’s toy box.
byu/Vitamin_J94 inaww

Do your pets have any toys that they’re particularly attached to?

We want to see dogs, cats, gerbils, mice, maybe even fish!

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments and tell us a little bit about them!

We’d love to hear from you!