I’ve said this before, but it’s time to say it again.

If or when you decide to tie the knot with your partner, you should spend some serious time deciding on the cake.

I say this for a few reasons. The first is that everyone is gonna remember how that thing tastes, so you want it to be a winner. You don’t want your friends and family members to get angry after they’ve been dancing and drinking all night, do you?

The other reason is that the cake is gonna be in about 10,000 photos snapped throughout the night, so you know you’re gonna see it over and over until the day you die…

Hey, I’m just looking out for you…so let’s look at some cakes you may or may not want to think about when your day comes.

1. Well, that’s a little bit weird…

But, to each their own…

Spot on cake at the wedding I was at today.
byu/Keithsheath infunny

2. Didn’t work out as planned.

A valiant effort, though!

Grooms cake disaster, what we wanted vs. what we got
byu/bananaloutay inExpectationVsReality

3. What am I looking at here?

I’d call this an epic FAIL.

We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. I turned out to be a pregnant sumo wrestler.
byu/plutchina inExpectationVsReality

4. I can get behind this!

How cool is this cake?!?!

My wife and I eloped during quarantine! We decided to have a hamburger wedding cake to celebrate.
byu/forgotten_weasley inthesims

5. It kind of looks like…

You know what, never mind…just enjoy the moment.

The “gold” cake at my sisters wedding last night.
byu/wflancaster19 inshittyfoodporn

6. That is a mess.

You should demand a refund!

What I ordered vs. what was delivered. I paid $135 for this mess…
byu/JalapenoLife inExpectationVsReality

7. Yowza…not a good look.

We’re glad you got your money back!

What I wanted VS what was delivered…yes I got a full refund.
byu/juads inweddingplanning

8. Dragging him to the altar.

Think this is gonna last?

What Felix and Marzia’s wedding cake must have been like
byu/florispaghett inPewdiepieSubmissions

9. Who would do this?

It’s just so…weird…

A Facebook friend’s “shitty” wedding cake WTF!
byu/ilovemyking inshittyfoodporn

10. I hope the whole wedding wasn’t this bad.

It’s a total disaster!

A friend’s wedding cake.
by inExpectationVsReality

11. Yeeeeeehaw! Let’s go muddin’!

This is kind of amazing, honestly.

Pure class in wedding cake form
byu/inapproprievan intrashy

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about the best AND the worst wedding cakes that you’ve ever seen.

And share some pics if you got ’em! Thanks!