I see all of you out there and I feel your pain…

No, I’m not talking about physical pain, I’m referring to the shame, disgust, and anger that you feel when you look in the mirror…because you’ve been making some really terrible decisions when it comes to cooking during the quarantine…

And so have I!

Hey, what can you do, right?

It gets pretty old trying to tantalize your tastebuds day in and day out when restaurants aren’t open. Do you want to know how many times I’ve had peanut butter and jelly for dinner in the last year? It’s a sad, sad state of affairs, trust me.

Take a look at these rock bottom quarantine meals and let us know if they stack up to what you’ve been doing in the kitchen.

1. You do you.

Might take a while to eat, though…

2. All up from here.

Not the worst thing I’ve ever heard.


3. What kind of dressing, though…

You need to fill us in!

4. Official hit rock bottom.

We wish you luck in the future…


5. Not quite, but almost…

You might need some help.

6. Sounds like a real snoozer.

Liven it up a little bit!

7. That does not sound good.

I’m just being honest with you.

8. You need to go to the store NOW.

Don’t wait until tomorrow.

9. Do what you gotta do.

We’re living in desperate times.

10. Phoning it in.

Is it really punk, though?

11. Apologize to the food lords.

They might not be able to forgive this one.

What’s your rock bottom meal from quarantine been?

Talk to us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!