We’re already well aware that cats think they run the entire planet…which is kind of true, I guess…

But when you allow them to live in a bodega (aka, a convenience store)…pssshhhhttt…it goes straight to their head and they think they own the place.

And they just can’t be reasoned with! But…at least they’re pretty cute.

Enjoy these pics of bodega cats and be on the lookout next time you’re at a shop in the city.

1. Don’t go near the White Claw.

Because this cat will not appreciate a rude awakening.

2. Death from above!

Just keeping an eye on things…

3. We have a new bagging assistant.

Looks like she’s up to the task.

4. Be careful when you grab the Tic Tacs.

Just trust me on this one…

5. Go ahead. Make my day.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you…

6. The little helper.

Wait, what are you doing in the dog food aisle?

7. You can do it!

It’s like a jungle gym in there for them.

8. Go ahead and make yourself at home.

Are you sure you’re comfortable?

9. I think she might have had a few drinks in that section…

Okay, you’re cut off!

10. Well, aren’t you adorable?!?!

She knows it, too.

11. Guarding the bodega.

I’m in charge here, okay?

12. Keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

You can see everything from up there.

Do you have any kitties in your house that act like they own the place?

If so, share some pics with us in the comments and tell us a little bit about them.

Please and thank you!