If you ever spend any time in New York City (and certain other big cities around the world), you quickly realize that small shops called bodegas are on pretty much every corner.

And you also realize that these businesses have guardians that take jobs very seriously. Ladies and gents, it’s time you meet the BODEGA CATS.

Yes, that’s right, bodega cats. These ferocious felines keep an eye on these shops, keep rodents away, and they’re also a big treat for customers who like to frequent the businesses.

Here are some really adorable pics of bodega cats all living their best lives. Let’s take a look!

1. You look very comfortable!

Also, lay off the White Claw!

2. I wouldn’t touch that Bud if I were you…

Just trust me on this one…

3. A perfect place for a snooze.

You look very cozy.

4. Here she comes!

Look at that face!

5. Like cats pay attention to rules.

Gimme a break!

6. Guardian of the eggs.

Somebody has to do it…

7. Your little buddy.

She’s also the assistant manager.

8. Be careful around this one…

She can get a little bit testy.

9. Get to the back of the line.

And it’s time for a deeeeeeeep stretch.

10. It’s been a long day.

Been through the wringer today…

11. Hi, may I help you?

Maybe the machine is out of order…

How about all of you out there?

Do you have any cats at home?

If the answer is YES, we wanna meet them!

Share some photos with us in the comments, please!