Now, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

A fella named Joaquim Campa took to Twitter to share a thread of hilarious and wonderful pics of animals interrupting wildlife photography shoots.

Let’s take a look!

1. Tell me what you see in there.

You have a nice view.

2. A nice place to take a rest.

Are you comfortable in there?

3. The gang’s all here.

Everybody, gather around…

4. You might not be getting that camera back.

I mean, let’s get real about it.

5. He has a really good eye.

You have a new intern.

6. What a moment.

Glad someone else was there to capture it!

7. Your little buddy.

Well, isn’t this cute?

8. Be careful with that lens!

That thing is expensive!

9. That thing is HUGE!

Don’t make any sudden movements.

10. Is he still on my back?

Yeah…he’s still there…

11. Well, at least they look friendly.

I’d be scared out of my mind.

12. Time for a selfie!

Looks like a good one!

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