You really never know what you’re gonna get out there in the wild, do you?

And that goes double when it’s your job to capture wildlife photography.

A Twitter user named Joaquim Campa shared a whole bunch of photos of animals disrupting wildlife shoots and we think you’re gonna love them.

Let’s take a look!

1. Gettin’ all up in your lens.

Extreme close-up!

2. You have some new friends.

And it looks like they want to help!

3. He’s in training.

Looks like he has a good eye.

4. Don’t eat my hat!

Also, don’t eat my HEAD.

5. He just wants to snuggle!

Now, this is pretty wholesome.

6. Standing tall on the prairie.

What do you see out there?

7. Have a seat!

Can I get you anything?

8. That doesn’t look good.

Under attack!

9. Cozying up to you.

Well, she looks harmless.

10. Run for it!

This looks pretty terrifying.

11. Okay, who wants to play?

This is awesome!

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