Wait a second…is that an old Russian woman I see in the distance walking down the street, staring at me with steely, suspicious eyes under her babushka?

Oh, hang on! False alarm! That’s actually just a local kitty cat who is rocking a babushka because that’s totally the “in” thing for felines right now.

Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, you need to get with the program, friends! Because it really is all the rage lately…among cats, I mean.

Do you want to see some cats wearing babushkas? Of course, you do!

1. Staring deep into your soul.

I can’t seem to look away, either…

Soft babushka
byu/kymech inbabushkacats

2. Am I walking down the street in Warsaw?

I feel like I was just sent back in time…

My zrzedliwy starzec Edgar.
byu/CherylLynn94 inbabushkacats

3. And a good-looking one!

This is a good style for you.

babushka cat
byu/cara-Mel0o inbabushkacats

4. Three little babushkas all wrapped up.

Is this cute, or what?

Babushka kitten triplets
byu/bsinky inbabushkacats

5. What do you want now?

I just fed you ten minutes ago!

Needy old timer
by inbabushkacats

6. I’m a big fan of this.

All you need is a sock!

Sock purrito
byu/JerryfromTomandJerry inPurrito

7. Straight out of the Soviet Union.

You know it’s the truth!

Politburo potato.meme
byu/splodedpen inbabushkacats

8. He’s a very old soul.

And he’s seen a lot of things in his years.

He’s wearing a babushka
byu/Magic-Milkman inaww

9. An accidental babushka.

But still a babushka…

Was suggested he might be appreciated here… just dug his way under the blanket…
byu/AusChol inbabushkacats

10. How cute is this little fella?

Does it really get much better than a cat wearing a babushka? We don’t think so!

Spelling error
byu/hanaynay14 inbabushkacats

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