You really never know what you’re gonna get sometimes when you log on to Instagram.

Are you gonna see flying wizards, men with half-beards, the possibilities are endless!

And now we’ve been blessed by…wait for it…bread shoes!

Yes, you read that right, BREAD SHOES. And they’re exactly what you think they are: shoes made out of bread.

There’s no word yet about whether people actually eat these shoes after they’re done walking around in them, but I’m willing to bet that some people probably take that leap.

Are you ready to check this out? Let’s go!

1. I think this is a mighty fine look for you.

And you can eat them after you wear them out!

2. A nice day for a stroll in the sunshine…

In your favorite pair of bread shoes!

3. You can wear them inside too for around-the-house stuff.

They’re just so comfortable!

4. Stylish. Classy. Unforgettable.

You, sir, are a trendsetter.

5. I like the leftover bread that had to be taken out.

Leave it for the birds!

6. These are a little more formal.

You do you!

7. Fresh out of the oven!

And right onto your feet!

8. These are totally epic.

I want a pair of my own!

9. Who’s gonna try them on first?

I desperately need this in my life.

10. The gang’s all here!

And you are ready for a night on the town with that kind of footwear.

Weird! And now we want to hear from you…

Have you seen any odd trends on social media lately that caught your eye?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks a lot!