My first “real” job when I was a teenager was at a fast food taco place.

It was a great learning experience…and the free tacos were a big bonus.

But I realized pretty quickly that people sure can be rude! Like, really rude…

But hey, it’s just something you gotta deal with if you’re in the service industry.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t put them on blast on social media! Let’s take a look at some real gems.

PS: don’t act like these folks!

1. Complaining about being “kicked out” after 90 minutes?

Now that is priceless.

You can just picture the trashiness from this customer from trashy

2. Well, I didn’t need this today.

I’ll take real cash next time, thank you very much.

A feeble attempt to get out of tipping. from iamatotalpieceofshit

3. You should’ve been 21, buddy.

You expect them to lose their job over this? Get real!

Wouldn’t let him underage drink so he didn’t tip… Dickhead?‍♀️ from trashy

4. Now this is classy.

I hope you went for them!

What my coworker was given tonight from trashy

5. Put some shoes on!

This is also a NO-NO on airplanes in my book.

Displaying your bare feet in a restaurant from trashy

6. Well, isn’t that cute?

Not really…

This family let their kid crawl all over the restaurant floor, nearly tripping several servers from trashy

7. Good Lord. Just stay home.

What an absolute a**hole.

8. No, it’s actually not better than a tip.

And I’m willing you bet you never get a text from her.

My sister got this while waiting tables. from mildlyinfuriating

9. You can’t just step outside?

I guess that’s too much to ask of some folks.

Smoking in a non-smoking restaurant because you do what you have to from trashy

10. Here’s the laundry list.

This person is what I like to call a LOSER.

"Why I Have Not Tipped!!!" from iamatotalpieceofshit

11. Total d**k move.

Just don’t leave anything if you’re gonna do something like this.

A customer decided to tip their server like this… from mildlyinfuriating

12. I’ll be subtracting from the bill tonight.

That’s all, folks!

Guy left a negative tip to subtract from the total after calling the restaurant while inside to rush his order from trashy

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about your worst restaurant experiences.

Please and thank you!