If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or a bar, you know the drill: you’re gonna have your fair share of horrible customers who are rude, crude, and ignorant.

And you just gotta deal with them because you know that when one walks out the door, another one isn’t too far behind.

But still…these people really suck.

And we’re about to see some really bad examples of what I’m talking about.

Let’s see what these jerks are up to now…

1. Ma’am, you need to go back and check your math.

Just trust us on this one.

Math is hard. from insanepeoplefacebook

2. This one is pretty bad.

What a total jerk!

I can’t believe people can be this stupid. Found this on Twitter and thought it would fit here. from facepalm

3. I’d ban these people from my restaurant forever.

This is so bad.

Left on my co-workers table from trashy

4. And here we have another total a**hole.

What is wrong with people?

Latina waitress received racist note instead of tip from iamatotalpieceofshit

5. Maybe you just need to stay home?

I think that would be the best idea for everyone.

This was posted in as restaurant facebook group from trashy

6. Well, isn’t that adorable?

Why can’t parents control their children? At least a little bit?

A group of kids filled it up and the parents shouted at customers attempting to complain from trashy

7. No underage drinking, sorry.

Also, that’s YOUR problem, young people.

My friend waited on two underage kids who tried to order drinks. Stiffing servers has always made someone a bad person, but during a pandemic when benefits have run out and restaurant employees are struggling more than they already did? Despicable. from trashy

8. Entitled is one way to put it.

I think that’s a polite way of describing these folks. Just stay home!

Decades of "the customer is always right" has created the most entitled idiots in human history. from facepalm

9. Makin’ a mess and not even caring.

The rudeness is strong with these folks.

My aunt and her friend took me to dinner. These 10 lovely people sat next to us, and didn’t even leave a tip! from iamatotalpieceofshit

10. You should be tipping me!

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

Seen on a Facebook post on how people should tip their servers 20% from JustBootThings

11. Jacka** overload with these customers.

People like this shouldn’t be allowed outside of the house.

The “tip” my friend got. from trashy

12. Dirty diaper? Really?

Some people will never learn.

My cousin just posted this on Facebook. She is a waitress at Outback and this was left behind. from trashy

Ugh…sometimes, people are really the worst.

Do you have any of your own restaurant horror stories?

If so, tell us about them in the comments. Thanks in advance!