There’s really no use in beating around the bush: a lot of us are sick and tired of cooking and we’ve been getting desperate when it comes to our culinary styles during the pandemic and the quarantine.

So that means there have been millions and millions of folks worldwide who have basically hit rock bottom when it comes to cooking.

And can you really blame them?

It gets really old not being able to eat out at a restaurant. And then you open your barely-stocked cupboards and you find yourself staring into the abyss. And THEN you just get desperate and throw together any old thing that will satisfy your hunger for a few minutes…it’s a vicious cycle.

Are you ready to read about some rock bottom meals that folks have admitted to? Let’s take a look.

1. Almost hit all the major food groups.

Nice work!

2. Perfectly acceptable.

Just keep telling yourself that…

3. This is intense.

I salute you, sir!

4. Fending for ourselves.

Doesn’t sound delicious, not gonna lie.

5. Don’t regret it all the way.

But at least recognize the problem.

6. This sounds absolutely disgusting.

But you’re living your own life. That’s what’s important.

7. We need to talk.

Stale Pringles? This is sad…

8. Hitting rock bottom over here.

You can only go up from here!

9. Yes…yes it does.

You need to snap out of it!

10. It could be worse.

But this was not a good life decision.

Okay, it’s confession time…

Tell us your worst quarantine meal that you’ve made.

Do it in the comments!