I feel like people have gone one of two ways when it comes to eating and cooking during the pandemic and the quarantine.

The first way is that you’ve fallen in love with cooking and you just can’t get enough of spending time in the kitchen coming up with new recipes and meals to satisfy your tastebuds!

And then there’s the second route…and this is the category I definitely fall into…

You’re tired of cooking at home, you’d do anything to go out to eat at a restaurant, and you dread looking into your cupboards…because you know you’re gonna end up making a really lackluster meal that would make your mother hang her head in shame because you know better!

Let’s see what kind of rock bottom meals people have been cooking up.

1. Aren’t you still hungry?

I am just reading your tweet.

2. The whole thing?!?!

Well, to each their own.


3. Dino nuggets for the win.

Your kids aren’t gonna be happy.

4. Salt and rice. Repeat.

This sounds pretty boring, not gonna lie.

5. Just phoning it in.

Don’t be too hard on yourself…

6. Out of the can?!?!

Doesn’t sound very appetizing.

7. There are no rules.

It’s like Mad Max out here!

8. Not the healthiest option…

But it could’ve been worse.

9. Just fries.

You’ll eat it and you’ll like it!

10. Please don’t say it’s Bleu Cheese.

That just sounds like a terrible idea.

11. Over and over and over again.

That’s a lot of carbs!

What’s your cooking situation been like during the pandemic?

Talk to us in the comments and fill us in.

Thanks a lot!