You would think that with all this downtime and the endless hours being stuck at home that people would really be on top of their cooking games.

You, my friend, thought WRONG. Hey, don’t feel bad, I did, too.

But then I saw these photos of food fails and all I could do was shake my head and shed a tear for the poor folks who had to eat and look at these meals.

Are you ready for this? Okay, let’s proceed.

1. The dead will now rise from the ground.

And all because of your sister! Thanks a lot!

My sister tried to make matzah but ended up summoning the Necronomicon
byu/trammeloratreasure inpics

2. Might have gone a little bit overboard…

Can I speak to the manager? Now, please?

Garlic burger from a local burger joint. My burps could kill a walrus right now…
byu/WestBrink inshittyfoodporn

3. This is very touching.

And also kind of disturbing…

Mother and son reunited in afterlife
byu/zefgural inshittyfoodporn

4. This masterpiece only costs $15.

What a deal!

Ordered ceased salad for $15 from one of the local restaurants.
byu/ThisssBabe inshittyfoodporn

5. They’re watching you.

And now there is no escape…

TIL if you cut lotus root into wedges, you end up with fucking aliens in your frying pan
byu/9999monkeys inshittyfoodporn

6. Yeah, what happened here?

This is very disturbing.

This was way cuter when I pictured it in my head
byu/howierid inshittyfoodporn

7. You are clearly a master in the kitchen.

Our hats are off to you!

Sliced homemade sourdough bread topped with creamy light brie cheese. Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 11 hours. Enjoy.
byu/nick122221 inshittyfoodporn

8. I see what you did there!

I kind of like this!

Thought I’d try homemade sushi out
byu/FMChainsawTeddy inshittyfoodporn

9. Those aren’t gonna last very long.

Because you’re going to eat all of them.

Made some masks
byu/SurpriseThere1 inshittyfoodporn

10. Why on Earth did you do this?

I want some answers!

Spaghetti O’s w/meatballs in a pepperoni bowl.
byu/LavaSauceLover inshittyfoodporn

11. Well, you thought wrong.

Because this is totally horrifying.

Thought you guys might like this pie I baked
byu/JustAnotherElsen inshittyfoodporn

12. I don’t even want to ask any questions about this.

Just get it out of my face, okay?

2 Michelin Star restaurant had this on Instagram
byu/Lottman420 inshittyfoodporn

13. Enjoy, vegans!

Yeah, this is a little bit insulting, isn’t it?

Is this really what people think vegans want to eat?
byu/Gertie777 inshittyfoodporn

How about you?

Do you have any photos of really bad food that make you sick?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks a lot!