Tell me if you’ve experienced this kind of situation before: you’re at a restaurant or browsing online looking at a menu and you see a dish that looks absolutely delightful.

So you order it up and when it finally arrives…you shake your head in disgust because you definitely did NOT get what was advertised.

What a bummer that is!

The people who shared these photos definitely had the same experience, as you’re about to see…

These food fails are enough to make a person cry…let’s take a look…

1. That…does not look good.

Can I speak to the chef, please?

My "Cookies and Cream Stuffed French Toast" from iHop from ExpectationVsReality

2. Not even close.

Anyone care to explain what happened here?

I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza shop. from ExpectationVsReality

3. This is just sad.

I need a few minutes…I think I’m gonna cry.

Cheese fries from Buffalo Wild Wings – Original Photo by u/Nocab_ from ExpectationVsReality

4. Why do they even bother?

A bad idea right from the start, don’t you think?

Subway Pizza from ExpectationVsReality

5. Yowza! Not cool at all!

I call this a huge pile of failure.

Top is menu bottom is what they served me. No, millennials didn’t kill Appleby’s, they committed suicide. from pics

6. Doesn’t look very “grande” to me.

They didn’t put a whole lot of effort into this, did they?

Taco Bell’s grande stacker box. from ExpectationVsReality

7. That looks absolutely revolting.

But I might be able to eat it in a pinch…

Part of a $3.50 school lunch. Picture on the menu and what was served. from ExpectationVsReality

8. Here you go, just like in the picture!

I’m gonna need to speak to the manager.

Burger King Grill Dog Cheddar and Bacon from ExpectationVsReality

9. Someone quit halfway through making this sad taco.

This is a disgrace.

The 3 pieces of lettuce was a nice touch I guess from ExpectationVsReality

10. What do you expect from the mall food court.

That’s YOUR fault!

Grilled salmon at the mall food court from ExpectationVsReality

11. What am I looking at here?

Can someone help me out?

Thanks KFC, totally what I expected /s from ExpectationVsReality

12. Someone threw up all over it.

Nice try, though!

This is why you check your food before you leave the restaurant… from ExpectationVsReality

Hmmm, that’s not good…

Has this ever happened to you?

If it has, please share your stories with us in the comments. And share some photos too, if you have ’em! Thanks!