We definitely take our high school experiences here in the U.S. for granted because we don’t really have anything else to compare them to.

And I guess it takes the observations of folks out there from other countries to show us that our high school customs are just plain weird and confusing to people who don’t live in America.

Hey, even though many people think otherwise, we’re really not the center of the universe, okay?

Let’s see what these folks from other nations had to say about our high schools…

1. Just like a prison.

Hey, it’s not THAT bad.

2. Oh yeah, we do!

We gotta get those SOBs from up north!


3. They did in my day.

Not sure about now…

4. Some of them, yes.

Although I never saw one…


5. It’s not every other week.

But, come to think of it, maybe it’s a little extreme…

6. I guess some do?

I’ve never seen one…

7. Well, this is AMERICA.

Not Sweden, sorry.

8. Way too much sugar.

The kids are all hyped up.

9. Yes and yes.

There’s a whole hierarchy you have to learn about.

10. I agree with this one.

That was always a huge drag.

11. I’ll see you at the fishing club after school!

I remember our school had a Star Trek club…



If you’re not from the US, what do you think is weird about our schools?

And did you learn these things from movies or TV shows? Talk to us in the comments.

Thanks everybody! We love you with every fiber of our being!

Okay, maybe not, but you’re pretty nice.