I guess I’ve never really considered what people from other countries think about the American high school experience.

But our lifestyles are on display for all to see around the world because of the number of American movies and TV shows we produce. And a lot of those have to do with the high school experience in the U.S.

So, naturally, folks from other countries are confused about some of the stuff that goes on in our schools and they have some questions.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Time for some chow.

I never thought of it like that…

2. It’s just the way it is!

And you can also have chocolate!


3. They sure do!

Make sure it’s clean though…nothing worse than a dirty water fountain.


4. Snow days are the best days.

I miss them dearly…

5. That looks about right.

Is it chicken nugget day yet?

6. Yes, they do.

And it could be your time to shine!

7. Ummmm, yes. Is that weird?

I’m a little bit confused by this.


8. They do and they’re doing God’s work.

Putting up with all those annoying kids!

9. I’d like to know that, too.

I never liked that…

10. You are far from Fresh.

Don’t ask me…

11. Climbin’ the rope in gym class.

It was a rite of passage.


12. Listen up, children…

Morning announcements!

Do you think there are other things about American high schools that seem weird?

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