Oh, boy…here we go again

It’s time for another installment of us enjoying poor souls who caused epic fails. Hey, as we like to say, it’s bad for them but it’s GREAT for us.

Is that mean? Maybe…but it is what it is, ya know?

And we are here to make you laugh after all, right? RIGHT!

But back to these folks: they all had ONE JOB and one job only and…to put it mildly, they blew it big time. So, even though you might feel kind of guilty about it, we want you to sit back, relax, and laugh your butt off at these fails.

Let’s take a look…

1. That is really bad placement…

I’m just saying…

I mean….. from onejob

2. I speak several languages.

And one of them happens to be “United States.”

Some one told me to put this here soooo from onejob

3. The robot is clearly not working.

You might have to just trash that thing.

Fighting crimes with the power of song from onejob

4. This is hilarious.

Someone was either very lazy or very angry at their boss.

You had one jobby job-job from onejob

5. World War Eleven was intense.

A pivotal time in history.

This plaque near my house from onejob

6. I think that might be the wrong label.

Just a hunch…

You were close here. from onejob

7. You really blew it!

Well, his cover is blown.

I haven’t words for this… Really. from onejob

8. Oh, boy…

Not a good look.

Honoring Rosa Parks on the back of a bus… from onejob

9. Ma’am, please share with the rest of the customers.

Too late for that now.

Excuse me ma’am…that’s not how that works… from onejob

10. Choose your own adventure.

What is going on here?

Turn RLIEGFHT from onejob

11. You have no choice.


How hard is it? from onejob

12. Come on in through the window.

And make yourself at home.

How Is This So Common? from onejob

13. These guys are busted.

And they’re in big trouble.

Come one camera man from onejob

Okay, now we want to hear from you.

What’s YOUR biggest epic fail?

Well, at least the biggest one that you’re willing to admit to…?

Talk to us in the comments and ‘fess up!