One time when I was in high school, a few friends and I went to dine in at the local McDonald’s after school.

After we got our table and our food, I excused myself to go wash my hands in the bathroom. As I walked out, hands very clean, all my friends at the table started laughing hysterically at me.

What had I done? Was my fly down? They continued to laugh until I looked at the door behind me and realized I’d just used the women’s restroom and had absolutely no idea.


Do you wanna read some more embarrassing true stories? Let’s get it on!

1. Did she need that bag?

Hey, it’s a totally normal question to ask.

2. Hahahaha. Wow. Sorry I missed this.

No, not like that!

3. I love you…

Oh, sorry about that.

4. Dating sure is rough.

Take it easy on the vodka, people!

5. Who the hell are you.

That’s pretty embarrassing.

6. I don’t know if he’ll be invited back.

Or if he made a very good impression…

7. OH MY GOD. This is excellent.

Follow the leader!

8. Hey, it was an honest mistake.

Don’t beat yourself up about it!

9. Honey, are you okay?!?!

This one is pretty bad.

10. I’ll keep the change.

Don’t even worry about it.

11. You weren’t supposed to send that to him!

Oh no…this is not good.

12. Hey, not so fast…

Maybe the guy at the auto shop loves you, too…

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