Sometimes, you just gotta let your freak flag fly!

You know what I’m saying!

Well, in case you don’t, let me introduce you to the latest fashion craze that’s sweeping the nation…crochet shorts for men!

Oh yeah, baby!

If you wear a pair of these outside the house I guarantee that you’ll have to fight off admirers with a stick.

They’re just that amaizng!

Check out the Lord von Schmitt Etsy store to buy a pair of your very own!

1. A view from the rear.

Is that Andy Dick? It kind of looks like Andy Dick…

Photo Credit: Etsy

2. I give this guy some credit.

He is as confident as they come.

Photo Credit: Etsy

3. Just let it all hang out.

And the colors are nice, too!

Photo Credit: Etsy

4. Now, these are really something.

Would you wear these out in public?

Photo Credit: Etsy

5. Don’t try to use these as a swimsuit.

That’s a pro tip for you…

Photo Credit: Etsy

6. Maybe you’re in the mood for watermelon?

Do whatever makes you happy!

Photo Credit: Etsy

7. Getting a little bit risky here.

But if you got it, flaunt it.

Photo Credit: Etsy

8. The tassels really bring it all together.

Well done!

Photo Credit: Etsy

9. Getting all psychedelic with this pair of shorts.

Again, I firmly believe that is Andy Dick.

Photo Credit: Etsy

10. Pink is in this year!

You gotta love it!

Photo Credit: Etsy

11. Pair them with some leggings!

This Jesus impersonator is really living his best life!

Photo Credit: Etsy

Yowza…that was really…interesting…

Have you seen any strange fashion lately?

Share some pics with us in the comments and fill us in!