There are so many excellent artists around that it can be hard to keep up with all of them.

Luckily, social media is a wonderful way to discover new artists and to keep up with the ones we already know about.

And here’s another one we think you should start following immediately!

Vincent Bal is a self-described “shadowologist” who hails from Belgium.

And once you take a look at his amazing work you’ll understand why he refers to himself that way.

Check out his stuff below. We love it!

1. See you later, alligator.

Be careful around this guy.

2. Get ready for the swim meet.

On your mark, get set, GO!

3. A tribute to the great Stan Lee!

We all miss him a lot.

4. This one is so cool.

Time to take a dip in the pool (hey, that rhymed).

5. Check out these two lovebirds.

Is that Mrs. and Mr. Potatohead?

6. Time to take a nighttime boat ride.

How clever!

7. Give it to me straight, doc.

Am I gonna make it?!?!

8. A window seat with a view.

Take it all in.

9. Getting ready to climb the mountain.

What a great adventure!

10. These two are spooning…

Get it?

11. This is my town, partner.

And don’t you forget it!

12. I love the title of this one: Escape From Alcaglass.

Don’t move, dirtbag!

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Thanks a lot, friends!