Let’s face it, in the age of Internet dating (which is basically like being set up on an endless series of blind dates, but instead of a trusted friend as the go-between, we’re trusting computer algorithms), you’re going to need a good reason to split once in a while.

Yes, I’m being generous.

So here you go –  keep this list in your phone. Or, if you’re not into crib notes, just memorize a few.

You’ll thank me later.

20. The grass is always greener and all that

Photo Credit: Twitter,HepatitisAtoZ

19. That should do it

Photo Credit: Twitter,KeshaTedder

18. What if they didn’t even care? LOL.

17. I have a lot of questions…

Photo Credit: Twitter,lilacleaves

16. No one likes an early finisher

Photo Credit: Twitter,19yates_

15. If someone said this to me it would make me want to date them MORE. Lol.

Photo Credit: Twitter,craigflynn1

14. “Would you like to meet them?”

Photo Credit: Twitter,LukeWheeler01

13. I feel like this would just turn some people on

12. People do love their hashtag game!

11. Now that’s a slap in the face

Photo Credit: Twitter,delsina363

10. This is a ripoff of a Seinfeld joke, but it’s still funny

Photo Credit: Twitter,d4usma1978

9. Pretty sure Bette Davis used this one already

Photo Credit: Twitter,Billie_Jean00

Photo Credit: GIPHY

8. Short and impossible to argue with – 10/10

7. Definitely a little too much for a first date

Photo Credit: Twitter,ninanoir83

6. There’s always gotta be one…

Photo Credit: Twitter,robyndwoskin

5. Points

Photo Credit: Twitter,Alohababe2011

4. I imagine the other person’s chair spinning like in a cartoon when they run away

Photo Credit: Twitter,jimishbathia

3. I’m guessing this probably happens fairly often

Photo Credit: Twitter,ReenMatoMato

2. IDK, he might not get the message?

Photo Credit: Twitter,KatiGM

1. This one is my personal favorite

Photo Credit: Twitter,AlohaTags

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