Some descriptions don’t work for everything. To prove that point, a Reddit user proposed the old “good for the house and not the spouse” question. Check out some of the hilarious responses.

1. Not much at All

Not much in the attic, but the foundation is sturdy.

2. Well that got weird

My kids take care of the garden.

3. Big place

Room for me AND the dog

4. Thats illegal

Large, Spacious, Available for rent

5. He can’t be that expensive

I’m looking for a cheaper one

6. It can happen to anyone!

It floods downstairs once in a while.

7. Bugs

Serious termite problem.

8. You get used to it

It’s kind of old and it smells weird but it grows on you.

9. Expensive bill

Recently renovated.

10. Rather large

It’s got loads of storage space, and a huge garden.

11. Good investment

Worth more now than the day I signed.

12. Serving a purpose

Needs a lot of remodeling, ugly but functional for now. It’ll be nice to upgrade.

13. Good friends

Most of my friends have had a key to the back door at some point in time.

14. Maintenance free – or not…

The guy that owned it before didn’t do much maintainance

15. Suuuureeee

This is only temporary

16. Couch sounds like it will be comfy for you tonight!

Fixer-upper. Priced to sell!

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