A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. But weddings are also extremely common. Almost half of all US adults are married, and lots of them got married pretty much the same way. Big dress, big cake, tux for the groom, “Here Comes The Bride,” etc. You get the picture.

So, how do you make your special day feel special when it’s so similar to everyone else’s? By having a theme! Your theme can be anything you want. You could be like this couple, who got married in a traditional Viking ceremony. Or you could be like the 15 couples below.


1. Zombies

Photo Credit: The Richest

2. Lord of the Rings

Photo Credit: Elina Kansikas

3. Superheroes

Photo Credit: The Richest

4. Game of Thrones

Photo Credit: blinkbox

5. Dr. Who

Photo Credit: Kat Forsyth

6. Bungee jumping

Photo Credit: The Richest

7. Scuba

Photo Credit: SCUBA Monkey

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo Credit: One Thousand Words

9. TJ Maxx

Photo Credit: Fox News

10. Super Mario

Photo Credit: Lehua Noëlle

11. Shrek

Photo Credit: The Richest

12. Star Wars

Photo Credit: Bryan Giardinelli

13. The Little Mermaid

14. Minecraft

Photo Credit: thegoodness.com

15. Or, you could save on bridesmaids dresses and make your theme “nudity.”

Photo Credit: The Richest


h/t: The Richest and Bored Panda