Babies! They’re adorable! They’re also smelly, messy, noisy, and expensive. Doesn’t make us love them any less! Anyone with a baby knows that taking care of them is stressful. And what’s a good way to deal with stress? A sense of humor, of course.

Here are 15 Tweets from parents (via Bored Panda) about the less pleasant aspects of raising an infant. There’s a lot to discuss. And you know what? The fact that people still love babies despite everything difficult about them means they must be pretty darn lovable. Either that or they have great PR.

1. The charm wears off. Especially after you’ve had a few.

Photo Credit: @CrazyExhaustion

2. Parenting Hall of Famer right here.

Photo Credit: @ParentNormal

3. This is your brain. This is your brain on baby.

Photo Credit: @LurkAtHomeMom

4. It helps to be optimistic.

Photo Credit: @OhNoSheTwitnt

5. Like to gamble? Have a baby.

Photo Credit: @HowToBeADad

6. Luckily, the general public is VERY understanding.

Photo Credit: @DaddyJew

7. Gymboree has a lot to answer for.

Photo Credit: @meladoodle

8. Babies screw up your sense of time.

Photo Credit: @tinatbh

9. Consult often with Dr. Internet.

Photo Credit: @LoriFradkin

10. Your cleanliness standards may slip.

Photo Credit: @TheCiscoKidder

11. Anyone up for a game of car seat Twister?

Photo Credit: @XplodingUnicorn

12. Coming soon to The Sharper Image.

Photo Credit: @TheCatWhisprer

13. Sometimes babies are like tiny MacGyvers.

Photo Credit: @TheCatWhisprer

14. It can feel like the whole world is conspiring against you.

Photo Credit: @LurkAtHomeMom

15. You will feel both love and terror. Often at the same time.

Photo Credit: @VancityReynolds

h/t: Bored Panda