We love writing these articles, not just because irrational children are inherently funny and adorable, but also because they always manage to surprise us. Every time we see a new batch of beleaguered parents sharing the ridiculous reasons why their children got upset, there’s never a repeat in the bunch. Little kids have rich imaginations, even when it comes to finding things to be mad about. Even when there’s literally nothing to be mad about!

For example, a toddler might say: “Beg your pardon, mother, but these raisins I asked for are wrinkled!” and then have a 20-minute meltdown. It’s inspiring.

So here we go one more time with 15 children who got furious about something completely unreasonable. Many of these come from the excellently named Instagram account, @assholeparent_, which is definitely worth your follow. (via Bored Panda.)


1. Sometimes as a parent, you just can’t win.

2. You’re never too young to learn that life’s pleasures are fleeting.

3. Time to call Child Protective Services.

4. Not even a Pop Tart can console her.


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I told her she couldn’t go inside the dishwasher. @emily.ives #assholeparent

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5. Maybe he wants frostbite. Ever think of that, Mom?

6. Moms and Dads can be so selfish.

7. “You’re depriving me of a feast! A feast I’m told is quite fancy!”

8. “It was one of a kind!”

9. “Lies! LIES! Everything is a lie!!!”


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Today I am an #assholeparent because the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t actually Golden. via @parker_villard

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10. We all need closure.

11. What’s the big deal? He just wants to break a couple laws of physics.

12. This sums up being a parent, or being Kanye’s personal assistant.

13. Your fault for showing her A Bug’s Life, Mom.


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I’m an #assholeparent because i killed a bug in the laundry room. Apparently it was her best friend Via @jaaaaamieeeee

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Apparently I’m an #assholeparent because she doesn’t have “more toes” to paint. ?? Via @foul_mouth_reverend

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15. Mortality is a bummer, kiddo.


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The daffodils are gone, and I can’t bring them back. #whymytoddleriscrying #whymychildiscrying #whymykidiscrying

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h/t: Bored Panda