Toddlers aren’t known for being reasonable. And they shouldn’t be reasonable! They’re just starting to learn the rules of the world, and their brains still have decades’ of development to go through. Toddlers are supposed to be difficult.

But just because they’re difficult doesn’t mean parents can’t find some humor in their toddlers’ behavior–particularly when it comes to the reasons they cry. And luckily for us, parents have been sharing the most ridiculous, nonsensical reasons why their toddlers have had meltdowns. First compiled by Bored Panda, this list will definitely make you laugh, whether you’re a parent of a toddler, or a former toddler yourself.

1. “Because the people on the plane in the sky wouldn’t wave back at her.”

Photo Credit: quicktipsfornewdads

2. “We didn’t let her go outside without pants and shoes on.”

Photo Credit: @ellendejaneres

3. “I wouldn’t let him dip his toothbrush into my wine glass.”

Photo Credit: @anniejurrens

4. “He said he needed to get dressed I reminded him he already was.”

Photo Credit: tattooed.boss.lady

5. “There was frosting on both sides of her Oreo.”

6. “He wanted raisins. So I gave him raisins. I didn’t even get the chance to ask what went wrong.”

Photo Credit: lindseyraezollner

7. “I told her ‘No more of Mommy’s makeup.'”

8. “I asked her to walk to the top of the driveway instead of carrying her.”

Photo Credit: @JackieMackk

9. ‪”I wouldn’t let him eat the pregnancy test I was taking.”‬

10. “He offered me a bite of his pretzel, and I took it.”‬

11. “Because I wont let him dip his fingers in my hot coffee.”

Photo Credit: alaskanann

12. Daddy tried to read her a book. She wanted Mama to read it. The book is Just Me & My Dad.”

Photo Credit: @kelsigulig

13. “She farted and got a fright.”

Photo Credit: thekellymae

14. “He doesn’t want to stand up and he doesn’t want to lie down.”

15. “Because he can’t watch Daddy poop.”

Photo Credit: vickywithawhy


h/t: Bored Panda